Dreamweavers Music is an independent music production company comprising of two members. Azar Breakey & Heather Burgess. As musicians, songwriters & producers, our passion is writing & Producing high quality & emotional music including soundtracks for film and media. Our determination drives us further and further into the world of dreaming. Music speaks emotion and that’s what we deliver for our listeners and clients

Azar Breakey is a Piano player, Keyboard player, Composer, Songwriter, Producer, Sound Designer, Sound Engineer (Mixing & Mastering Audio).

Heather Burgess is a Flutist, Saxophonist, Clarinetist, Keyboard Player, Composer, Songwriter, Sound Designer, Producer and Sound Engineer (Mixing & Mastering Audio).

Dreamweavers started as the collaboration between Music Producers & Musicians Azar Breakey & Heather Burgess. The nature of their collaboration began in a unique and magical way. Having had the opportunity to listen to each other's music, they both were aware of a special shared understanding and appreciation for the beautiful journey inward that music creates for the listener. Each journey has its own path of emotion, light and exoticism, travelling to different worlds, as well as states of being. Over a period of a couple of months and plenty of files being shared over the internet, their music connection grew. They were inspired by similar creative and spiritual passions.

The tracks that they to date & have collaborated on, have been an exploration, stretched across mountain and sea, rain and sunshine, faith and love.

Dreamweaver's compose music for Film, TV and Media Soundtracks, Dance-floor, Lounge Groove, Ambient Psychedelia, Dreaming, Binaural Beats, Meditation and Yoga, as well as Music for Young Children and Pregnancy.

“Dreamweavers” have released 5 albums so far, covering a vast variety of musical styles and influences, Dreamweavers drive a passion to Produce Visuals & Audio combined, taking the participant into a journey beyond the senses and inner worlds of endless possibilities. The magic & passion for music continues to grow.... as their creative and Audio engineering abilities become further & further tuned with every project completed.

Their albums, "Fantasy of Dreams" "The Warrior Within" "Moon of Dia" "Callirrhoe Moon" "Til the End of Time" "Harvest Moon" and "FreQuency"are available for download on https://www.dreamweaversmusic.com/albums

iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Google Music and other stores, as well a streaming on Spotify, Deezer etc. Follow the links below to download from Dreamweaver websites.


Their Double CD, "Labyrinth of Dreams" is available for purchase. Please email in the Contact Sheet for delivery details.
You can also order "Labyrinth of Dreams" double CD in the Store section of this site. Just click on "store “for details.
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